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five arts studio

Five Arts Studio sits on the NE boundary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park


Plan a trip to the Smoky Mountains and come see the Home of the Trolls!


There is something for everyone here!

Not only is it a beautiful land of deep forests, and tall mountains with clear rushing streams (you can see why the trolls love it here!),

but it is also home to many other things of interest such as

 shopping, restaurants,  and numerous other attractions which might appeal more to many humans... 

including the Arensbak Family's unique mountain top studio.

Here you can watch their innovative craftsmanship bring the trolls (and the legends)  to life...

and in turn, maybe help rekindle a little of your own creative spirit too!


Vivi decorating troll

Vivi Arensbak puts the final touches on a five foot troll



young visitors

And here she is repairing some injured trolls brought to her by these young visitors




troll museum

Our troll museum has all kinds of interesting trolls, pictures, and art, including Ken Arensbak's first troll made in 1959




house troll on the studio door

This is the giant House Troll that welcomes visitors to the studio... and always happy to pose with you for a picture:)




Visitors can work with our staff to help decorate the trolls.

Or if you have an idea for a special troll, you can be involved with designing and selecting materials to make it look just like you want.

Cost for special trolls varies with the size and complexity of the design, but it is reasonable and rarely exceeds $5-10 above price for our “regular” trolls.


.   The studio is open weekdays from 10 – 5:00PM and 11-3 on many Saturdays too.

You don’t have to make an appointment but it is a good idea to let us know an approximate time and day.

This way we can make sure that the people are there working on the trolls.

This is especially important if you decide you want any special requests or have a troll that needs a little TLC at our Troll Clinic and Spa.





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