Making our Troll Costume:


Attaching hair to a modified football helmet



gluing "topknot" of hair on top of head



fiber attached to belt to make body hair



1st layer of hair ( 2nd layer goes around neck)



painting the eyes over see-through screens.



a real live troll!






Trolls and accessories made by some talented collectors:





Raven & Trevor's Wedding Cake





Troll Habitat created by Mike & Lor






This a Troll Mountain display built by a family in Oregon and set up each year in early November and left up through the Holidays. It started out small and grew each year. The airplane is part of TMA...Troll Mountain Airways.





Sarah brought us a hand drawn picture book that she had made. It is called The Book of Trolls and it is dedicated to Troll fans. She is from Michigan and was here on vacation with her grandparents. Sarah is seen here with our Troll who resides at the main entrance to the studio.



jordan with his trolls    close view of jordans trolls

Jordan lives in Wisconsin, but was able to visit in the studio and show us a few of the Trolls that he has made for himself. He has a collection of our Trolls and wanted to add to it by creating a few Trolls from his own materials. It looks like they would fit right in. We enjoyed meeting him and thought you would too!



debbie's troll shirt

Debbie's Troll shirt... featuring a picture of a favorite Troll in her collection... a 30" Albino Spirit Troll. The shirt was made by her husband Richard using an ink jet printer and special transfer paper. The picture was taken by Richard on a summer trip to the studio from their home in Georgia.



    justin.jpg (18444 bytes)

This Troll maker lives in Tennessee and was able to visit the studio because his school had a day off. This was Justin's second visit to show us his creations and we were pleased to see he is adding to his growing Troll family.



parson troll.jpg (14181 bytes)    parson troll2.jpg (16930 bytes)

parson troll3.jpg (28969 bytes)

This family lives a little further from our studio. Through emails we have met and traded tips for Troll making with the Parson family, who live in The Netherlands. They have designed and made these Trolls, along with other characters, for an annual contest for outdoor home decorating/landscaping that is held in their town. From among 200+ participating homes, they won first prize! The eyes are lighted using clear glass marbles and small lights and the decorations are from locally found natural materials. The hair is made from a long fiber called flax, which had to be spray painted to get these colors.




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