Contest  Results---Best Idea for New Troll  1997-2007


  1997 Collector's Choice Troll


Angel Troll

    ~ Troll Angel ~
The Troll Angel was the first in a new series (available Spring ,97) featuring
the winning idea from each year's contest.

Donna C, Broadalbin,NY--Jerry D, Cloverdale,IN--Mrs.Ken C, Winchester,CA
Adrienne D, Geneva,NY--Dawn C, Chapel Hill,NC






1998 Collector's Choice Troll


Dream Guardian Troll

 ~ Dream Guardian/Sleepytime Troll ~

.....night time companion and guardian of sweet dreams, available Spring '98

Lisa A.,Cary,NC--Becky W.,Internet USA--Michelle B.,Cuyahoga Falls,OH--Heather A.,Parkland,FL
Harvey G.,Mcdonald,PA--Frauke S., Internet GER







1999 Collector's Choice Troll


Ken Troll

 30th Anniversary- KenTroll/Original Troll

while Ken made his first Troll in 1959, and later on a few for friends, it wasn't until 1969 that the family began to
make their Trolls to sell in shops. The Troll's design has changed over the years but it seems fitting to bring back this style on the 30th anniversary and also as a tribute to it's originator. ~in loving memory of Ken Arensbak (1923-1997)

Robert C., Thornhill, Ontario, Canada






2000 Collector's Choice Troll


Millennium Troll

~ Millennium Troll ~

This best idea for a new Troll helped us celebrate the recent milestone in our history.

The Millennium Troll was only produced in the years 2000 and 2001 ( the last year of the 2nd and the first year of the 3rd millennium ). This is the 4th Troll in the Collector's Choice Series (series IV).  
Among the many great entries we received, there were a number of them listing Millennium Troll as their choice.  As stipulated in contest rules, a drawing was held to determine the 5 winners:

    Alyssa F.    Scituate,MA ~               Carroll M.      Washago, Ont.
        Bob B.    Rochdale,MA ~                  Terry S.     Benson,NC  
                             Rhiannon F.     West Kingston,RI







2001 Collector's Choice Troll


Stargazer Troll

~ Stargazer Troll ~

The Stargazer Troll is a 12" gray Troll holding a telescope and a glass celestial globe, and wearing  an old-world style cap. This is the 5th Troll in the Collector's Choice Series (series V).

  The winners :

Bonnie B.    Woodbridge, VA     ~   Hanna B.    Prospect Hill, N






2002 Collector's Choice Troll


fairy1.jpg (8012 bytes)

Troll Fairy

This is the 6th Troll

in the Collector's Choice Series (series VI).

Congratulations to the winners:

Devin C.   Hyde Park, NY  ~    Vanessa M.    Miami, FL

Lesile R.    Bowling Green,  KY   ~     Holly T.   Windber, PA






2003 Collector's Choice Troll


wish keeper.jpg

~ Wish Keeper ~

This is the 7th Troll in the Collector's Choice Series (series VII).

Congratulations! to the winner;

Tammy F. of Rutherford, NJ






2004 Collector's Choice Troll

Sea Spirit Troll

~ Sea Spirit ~

This is the 8th Troll in the Collector's Choice Series (series VIII).

Congratulations to the winners!:

Elizabeth M,  San Francisco, CA
Kathryn D,  Cohasset, MA
Jim V, Naples, FL






2005 Collector's Choice Troll


Storyteller Troll

~ Storyteller ~

This is the 9th Troll in the Collector's Choice Series (series IX).

Congratulations to the winners!:

Kelli L, Tucson, AZ
Darrel H,  Independence, KY





2006 Collector's Choice Troll


Dancing Trolls

~ Dancing Trolls ~

Congratulations to the winners!:

Pat  H-E.   Hilliard, OH
Dayna M.   Harker Heights, TX
Teresa K.  Nanjemy, MD

This is the 10th Troll in the Collector's Choice Series (series X).




2007 Collector's Choice Troll

Princess Troll
 ~ Princess Troll w/Prince ~

Congratulations to the winners:

Joe B.  Palmetto, FL
Melissa S.  Charlotte, NC
Chris M.  Oak Creek, WI

This is the 11th Troll in the Collector's Choice Series (series XI).





2008 Collector's Choice Troll

Guardian Angel
~ Guardian Angel ~

Congratulations to the winner:

Debbie, B.  Eaton, OH


This is the 12th Troll in the Collector's Choice Series (series XII)







2009 Collector's Choice Troll



~ Earth Mother ~


  Congratulations to:

Mitchell F.   Ramsey,NJ

Lynda M.   Nashville,IN

Melanie M.   Brantford,CT


This is the 13th Troll in the Collector's Choice Series (series XIII).






2010 Collectors Choice Troll





 Congratulations to:

Ruth R.    Palm Harbor, FL

John H.    Florence, KY

Madison F.   Dover, OH


This is the 14th Troll in the Collector's Choice Series (series XIV).






Results.... of Best idea for a new Troll ~ Contest 2011


  A House Troll

 (flat on back side - similar to the one that hangs on the studio's main door)

Congrats to the winner Al N. Marietta, GA

 who will receive the first House Troll made.

We have already been working on the prototype and have a design that we think you will like. While much smaller than the big guy on the door, it has hands and will carry something that should make it a good addition to any habitat. And with the ability to hang on wall it will have more places to fit in!

Many thanks for all the wonderful entries, we especially enjoyed reading all of the descriptions and comments.

****We also would like to announce***

This is the 15th and last year that we will hold the Best Idea for a New Troll ~ Contest :(

However it will be replaced by a new contest (to be announced) that will be held in addition to a repeat of last year's Custom Troll Contest, with the winners selected by your votes.




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