Albino Trolls

Very rare. Avoid Sunlight. Distinguished by all white hair. Known for mysterious healing powers. 8",12",20",30"

Gathering Trolls

Abundant. Especially at harvest time. Collect winter food supplies in vine baskets or cloth bags. 16"

Sweeping Trolls

Fairly common around dwellings. However male of species much more elusive. 16"

Lit-Eyed Trolls

Rare; mostly nocturnal. Always identified by their glowing red eyes. Lit eyes can be found on any Troll 12" or larger.

Ski Trolls

Well known and easily recognized in winter. Stand on or carry split oak skis. Rare, below 10,000' remainder of year. 8".

Melody Trolls

Common, but often hidden in tree tops. Listen and you might hear them teaching young birds the proper tunes.


Grandparent Trolls

Steadfast and learned elder of the Troll Family. More noticeable due to all gray hair, wire rimmed glasses, and slow but deliberate pace. 20"

Prospector Trolls

Uncommon; limited to rugged terrain. Never seen without a silver pick-ax and a green sack filled with gold. 16"

Woodcutter Trolls

Common; from late Fall on. Unmistakable when wearing their hooded coats. Often observed swinging an ax or carrying firewood. 12"

Birdnester Trolls

More active in Spring. Help birds with nest design, construction, and placement. 16"

Sporting Trolls (GOLF)

Especially abundant on weekends and holidays. Often observed around sand or water. 5"

Sporting Trolls (FISH)

Very common around waterways (where there is work to be done!) Known for endless patience and colorful stories. 8"

Sweetheart Trolls

Most plentiful in the Spring, when they make little or no attempt to hide. 5"

Anniversary Trolls

All Trolls celebrate these occasions, but some develop a suspicious memory lapse. They have somewhat gray hair and wear glasses.

Troll with Sprout (Baby Troll)

Rarely encountered outside it's habitat. The mischievous sprouts (occasionally twins) are carefully nurtured for many years. 16"

Christmas Trolls

Begin to appear as days grow shorter. Very common around winter solstice, when they are arranging holiday festivities.

Mystic Trolls

Extremely rare; no verified sightings. But thought to have dark hair, violet eyes, and possess extraordinary powers. 12"


Akin to (and often mistake for) Trolls. Noticeably different, with long beards (on males only!), blue hair and red pointed caps. 10", 14", 24".

Troll Pets

Commonly found in and around Troll dwellings. One can track a "House Mouse" or other pet to find the secluded Troll habitats. Don't get lost!

Troll Cooks

Usually active year round; creating delicacies to full us up (and sometimes out!) 8".


Artist Trolls

Always busy; painting leaves in Fall, making window frost in Winter, or adding color to Spring wildflowers. 8"

Birthday Trolls

Trolls celebrate these occasions (unlike some people). Can be observed bearing gifts and bringing good cheer. 8"

Wrangler Trolls

Often unnoticed; great help around farms and ranches due to special kinship with all the animals. 8"

Spirit Trolls

Uncommon attire, carry pouches full of ancient cures for healing the body and spirit. 12"

Timekeeper Trolls

Always close by and hard at work scheduling migrations, hibernations, and the official changes of season. 12"

Guardian Trolls

Most noticeable around dwellings keeping a watchful eye on those entrusted to it's care. Observe carefully. 12"

Troll Wizards

Very elusive, often use their special powers to help Mother Nature create her miracles.

Gardener Trolls

Common; Spring-Fall, especially weekends and evenings. Use crude hand tools to produce bountiful harvests. 8"

Teacher Trolls

Plentiful, but hard to distinguish in Summer. Command respect; only the wisest Trolls can be teachers. 8".

Graduation Trolls

Most abundant in late Spring with their ceremonial caps and official scrolls. They are usually on best behavior. 8".

Troll Notables

Common, however rarely seen without pad and pencil. Ready to take notes of things too important for memory. 5".

Troll Doctors

Rare; at dwellings. Most have all white hair and carry little black bags. Dedicated practitioners of ancient healing arts. 8"

Troll Nurses

Somewhat rare; although always around for patient care-giving. Look for white hats with red cross. 5".

Troll with Newborn

Parent is sleepy-eyed and sometimes cranky, but will happily show off new addition to all who pass by. 8".



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