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2015 Christmas Troll

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#1 River Trolls

#2 Golden Age Troll

#3 May King and Queen Trolls





The making of our troll costume


Trolls and accessories made by some talented collectors:


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50th Anniversary Troll

50th Anniversary Troll


Ken Arensbak made the original troll for his children in 1959 to help make his stories come to life.

He first unbraided strands of jute rope and glued it to a wooden base, then added the details which included natural materials found in the nearby woods.

To help celebrate its 50th anniversary, we made this 1/3 scale reproduction of that original troll (pictured on right).

The trolls were made by Marianna (Ken's daughter) and were the first trolls she had made since the late 1970's.

This was a Limited Edition of only 250 pieces and was numbered with a special tag on bottom of base.





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Retired Trolls:


* Retiring 2016

            2016 Christmas Troll   click here for descriptions of each year

            Golfing Troll

   Design Changes:

            Grandparent Trolls now 16" ht (we no longer make 20" trolls)

            Birdnester and Gathering Trolls now 12" ht


* Retired in 2015:

          2015 Christmas Troll

          House Trolls

  Design Changes: 

         12" Fix-it Troll (added Honey-Do List)


* Retired in 2014:

          2014 Christmas Troll 

          Housekeeper, Dec.31st

  Design Changes: 

         12" Mystic Troll changed to 8" size

          Artist Troll now holds full paint palette


* Retired in 2013:

          2013 Christmas Troll

          Graduation Troll with message, June 15th

          Hairdresser Troll,  Dec. 31st


* Retired in 2012:

          2012 Christmas Troll

          Sleepy-time Troll, Dec. 31st

          Red Hat Troll,  Dec. 31st



* Retired in 2011:

          2011 Christmas Troll

          Valentine Troll - Trolly Yours,  Feb. 15th

          Mini Valentine Troll,  Feb. 15th



* Retired in 2010:

          2010 Christmas Troll

          Dancing Trolls, Dec. 31st

          Snowboarder, Dec. 31st



* Retired in 2009:

           2009 Christmas Troll  

           Troll Wizards (not the ones with lit crystals) March 31st

           CompuTrolls, June 30th

           Cupid, June 30th

           Stargazer, December 31st

           Design Changes:

                 Male Cook, Good Luck, and Computer Wiz


* Retired in 2008:

           2008 Christmas Troll 

           Troll Angel

           10" Albino Gnomes

           Easter Trolls

           Design Changes:

                 Snowboarder Troll;  snowboard w/ Special Troll Logo, wears hat


* Retired in 2007:

           2007 Christmas Troll 

           Baseball Troll

           Kitchen Troll


* Retired in 2006:

           2006 Christmas Troll

           Sledding Troll



* Retired in 2005:

           2005 Christmas Troll

           8" Ski Troll  (Sept. 30th)

           Sweeping Troll (June 30th)

           Design Changes:

                 Golf Troll changed after June 30th  to a 5" on wooden plaque/base

                 Melody Troll w/ guitar changed after Sept. 30th to an 8" with a horn


* Retired in 2004:

         2004 Christmas Troll


         Guardian (male)

         8" Fishing Troll on base


* Retired in 2003:

         2003 Christmas Troll



         14" Gnomes (end of June)

         Cyber Nurse (end of June)


 * Retired in 2002:

      2002 Christmas Troll

         Patriot Troll


* Retired in 2001:

       2001 Christmas Troll

         2001 Millennium Troll

         12" Timekeeper Troll

         Dream Guardian Troll w/ music box


* Retired in 2000 :

       2000 Christmas Troll 

         2000 Millennium Troll   


* Retired in 1999 :

       16" Troll w/ Sprout

        1999 Christmas Troll   


* Retired in 1998:


        Troll w/ Twins (16")

        1998 Christmas Troll (8")

* Retired Trolls pre-1998:

        Christmas Trolls....years 1981-1998

        Great Granddaddy (96")

        Jute sliver Trolls (8",12",16")

        Hobo (16")

        Melody w/flute (16")

        King & Queen (26",23")

        20" male & female (albino & reg)

        Ski (12", 16")

        Golfing (12", 16")

        Fishing (12")

        Mystic w/lit ball (8")

        Woodcutter (12")

        Leave a note (12")




        * Christmas Trolls - description by year:

                  1981- 12" all green male holding a pine cone

                  1982-  two 5" (1 male & 1 female) on a wooden base with pine cone "Christmas Tree" that is decorated with green and red beads.

                  1983- 12" Albino carrying a stack of firewood.  tag reads..."I bring you the warmth of Christmas"

                  1984-  12" male holding a Christmas Flag/pennant ( green felt background with a red heart)

                  1985-   12" holding a round twisted vine wreath

                  1986-   8"male holding a folded yellow Danish star. sprinkled with mica dust. tag reads "catch a falling star"

                  1987-   12" male with red eyes holds glass mug of "Christmas Cheer" tag reads- "good cheer for the new year"

                  1988-   12" with red hat, holds a pine cone tree (white pine cone) decorated w/ glitter. tag reads- "make Christmas magic"

                  1989-   8" male red or green eyes, holds a red sled tag reds- "slide into the new year"

                  1990-   8" female albino with green eyes, holds a small bird (Partridge) tag reads- "The Partridge for your Pear Tree"

                  1991-   5"albino female with a silver star topped staff in one hand. other hand is motioning to follow.  tag reads-  "follow me to Christmas"

                  1992-   8" male holding bell (which rings) tag reads-  "ring in the new year"

                  1993-    5" albino female wearing red burlap cloak. carries a crook (shepherds staff) and holds a small bird.  tag reads-  "watching over the Christmas flock"

                  1994-   8" male with a wooden log drum. holds drum sticks. tag reads-  "to the beat of a different drummer"

                  1995-   5" male with green felt hat and white pom pom. holds snowballs and ready to throw one. tag reads-  "better to give than receive"

                  1996-   8" male w/ red felt Santa hat. holds a house mouse that has a similar Santa hat. tag reads-  "Santa little helpers"

                  1997-   8" male holding a silver package wrapped with shiny red ribbon which is twisted around Troll face and body.  tag reads-  "wrap up in Christmas"

                  1998-   8" albino female decorated with red berries real Holly, and holding   Holly leaves (from special tree up on Troll Mountain)  tag reads-   "happy holly days"

                  1999-   5" male with red and white stripped hat, wire-rim glasses, and holding a green pencil. writing on a long paper list which has two columns....Naughty and Nice.  tag reads-  "....making a list"

                  2000-   5" male that is building a snowman (twig arms, holly scarf, and candy cane) sprinkled w/silver glitter.  tag reads-  "this season make a friend"

                  2001-   8" male holding red (w/ white trim) stocking filled with packages. Also holds a gift wrapped package in one hand. Top crown decorated w/ colored Christmas "lights". tag reads-  "stocking up for a great Christmas!"

                  2002-   8" male holding feed sack. Logo on sack ...Troll Mtn Co-op Reindeer Feed.  Top crown decorated w/ reindeer feed and red berries.. tag reads-  "take care of all your dears this season!"

                  2003-   5" male holding Christmas package, wearing red scarf and riding skis made of candy canes.  Has ear muffs and a top crown decorated w/ silver bells. tag reads-  "have a cool Yule!"

                  2004-   8" light grey female holding pair of scissors in one hand and in other a paper strip with cutout snowflakes.  Wears a long red felt cloak with white trim and covered with a few snowflakes. tag reads-  "making snowflakes for your hair"

                  2005-   25th Anniversary Edition -12" male holding round silver ornament with "25th" printed in red. Top decoration of evergreens tipped with small silver balls. tag reads-  "Silver Anniversary Limited Edition - the 25th year of our Christmas Troll Series"

                  2006-   8" female albino wears green apron and white bakers kerchief. Holds silver baking tray with three decorated gingerbread man cookies. Tag reads -  "Christmas smells good this year!"

                  2007-   5" female holds small candle and Yuletide Carol song book (open to the traditional song Deck the Hall). Decorated with green holly leaves and red berries. Tag reads -  "troll the ancient Yuletide carol"

                  2008-   8" male carries small poinsettia and wooden staff.  Decorated on top with a large red poinsettia. Tag reads -  "may your Christmas joy always be in bloom!"

                  2009-   8" all grey male that wears leather apron with "Santa's Workshop - North Pole Division" logo, holds small hammer and a wooden toy.  Tag reads - " making toys for good girls and boys".

                  2010-   4" male that can stand or hang from string loop. Top is decorated with mistletoe and berries and it also holds a mistletoe bunch. Tag reads - "under the mistletoe good things happen!".

                  2011-   8" male wearing large red hat with white fur trim and standing in "pile" of snow. Holding snow shovel (made from hickory nut hull) full of snow. Tag reads - "Clearing the way for Santa's sleigh".

                  2012-   8" female albino holding red and green quilt and a golden needle with red and green threads. Decorations on top include gold buttons and red and green thread.  Tag reads  " Christmas Quilts we are a sewing for when it's cold and blowing".

                  2013-   5" male with holly and berries decorations crown, holding a leather belt of sleigh bells. Tag reads - "Sleigh bells ring.... are you listening?".

               2014-   5" female albino holding a bough of holly getting ready to decorate the "hall". Tag reads - "Deck the Halls!".

                  2015-   8" female wearing green apron and holding a wooden bowl and a wire wisk. Tag reads - "Whip Up some Christmas Spirit!".



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