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..................................Looking for Trolls...........................................


cupid1.jpg (5243 bytes)

    Wanting very early Trolls

          These early Trolls were made from unbraided rope and some
       were sitting on tree roots (pictured).     Some had round wooden 
     tag which reads...   "KEN TROLL" .   
 5 Arts Studio


KenTroll.jpg (5243 bytes)

    Wanting Trolls from 1969-1975 earliest called KenTrolls

          These Trolls were made from raw sisal, which was assembled
      and decorated in original style.  The current KenTroll is patterned
      after this design. 7- 10" ht          5 Arts Studio


jute sliver troll.jpg (5243 bytes)

    Wanting  all Jute fiber Trolls (1976)

          These Trolls were made from raw jute sliver (hemp family), 
     which is the same material we now use for mustache,
       eyebrows and hands/tails.    10: ht  5 Arts Studio



Mystic Troll w/ lit ball.jpg (5243 bytes)

    Wanting Troll

          trying to locate an  8" Mystic with a lit ball
     Jen Correll -
     423/622-0769.  Chattanooga, TN



Mystic Troll w/ lit ball.jpg (5243 bytes)

    Wanting Troll

          trying to locate an  8" Mystic with a lit ball
     Robert Murray -
     413/567-7356.  Longmeadow, MA






 Looking for: 94' and the 95' Christmas Trolls    Jeanette Squires


Wanting older Christmas Cards/Posters

I'm looking for art prints released as Christmas Cards featuring Arensbak Trolls.  Some were regular prints, and some were  numbered and signed. 


Also looking for Christmas Trolls 1981 to 1989, Mystic with Lit Ball, King and Queen and Hobo Trolls.


Contact Randy Talley at:






I am looking for the following Christmas Trolls:

1981 Christmas Troll

please contact me at:


I have been trying to locate the patriot troll that has been retired.  If anyone has one for sale please e-mail me at:   Thank you.



Looking for the earlier types of trolls especially the marked trolls from 1978. Also looking for a mystic troll with lighted ball and Christmas trolls from 1990-2000. Just e-mail me at



I am looking for the LARGE King and Queen Trolls.

 Anne at 410-647-3230



ATTENTION: Willing to provide good, safe home for trolls

I am moving into a new home and would like to populate it with the following trolls:

The King and Queen Trolls
Dream Guardian w/music box
Mystic-male or female
Wedding Trolls
Trolls w/newborn
Pet Guardian
Sleepy Time
Very Rare Albino-120 years old, female
Sleepy Time
Cook Troll
Harvest Troll
Wish Keeper

I am hoping to pick them up for under what is currently being asked in the catalog so if you are willing to part with any of the above or simply need a new home for your friends, please contact me and let me know what you would like for them.  I am also interested in some of the retired and Christmas Trolls.
You can reach me at:

Ty Nichols
Corpus Christi Texas 78413



Looking for an 8" Happy Holly Days troll.  It is a Christmas Troll with holly and berries.  Also am interested in finding a notable troll.  I can be reached at 814-623-9467  Bedford, PA  Kaye Will




I would like to have a troll notable. If you have one to sell, please contact me at Thank you, Cherie Mortensen.




Troll Wanted:


Retired Fishing Troll - 2004


Laurie Davis




A 1990's Christmas Troll or a troll in that era that is retired w/tags.  Please e-mail me at  Thanks!





I am searching for an Arensbak sledding troll.  It is 2 to 3inches in size.  Beth Thomas, 931-389-6825,





Hi – I am looking for a Notable Troll and 80’s Christmas Trolls.  Please call me at 910-308-0271 or e-mail at




I am looking for a kitchen troll (retired 2007)  Please contact me at



Hello – I just put my Christmas Troll Collection out for the holidays and was reminded that I am missing the Troll issued in 2005. 

Can someone help me complete my collection?

Thanks,  Melissa




I am looking for a 2011 and a 2012 Christmas Troll. If you have one to sell, please
contact me at





Looking for recently retired Home Sweet Home House Troll.


Lutz, Florida






Hello,  I am submitting an in search of listing for the following:


I am in search of an Arensbak Sleepytime Troll. I can be reached at


Thank you,  Richard




.................................Trolls available.....................................




I currently have the following Trolls who are looking for a new home. My wife passed away last year and she would've loved for these to end up with someone who collects trolls. Please feel free to contact me at
I am looking for a fair price. Thank you.


Grandparent Troll Female 16"

Grandparent Troll Male 16"

Sea Spirit  (2004 Collector’s Choice)

Earth Mother   (2009 Collector’s Choice)

Forest troll

Fishing troll  (Retired 2004)

Christmas 2005  (Retired 2005)

Time Keeper  (Retired 2001)

Millennium  (Retired 2000 -- 2000 Collector’s Choice)

Ski Troll, 12”  (Retired pre-1998)

Red Hat Troll  (Retired 2012)

Guardian Angel   (2008 Collector’s Choice)

Troll Fairy   (2002 Collector’s Choice)

Trail Guide Troll (Black Water Falls)

Trail Guide Troll (Smokey Mts.)

Spirit Troll

Gnome, 14” Female (Retired 2003)

Troll Angel  (Retired 2008 (1997 Collector’s Choice)

CompuTroll (Retired 2009)

House Mouse Troll

Original Troll, 16” Male

Original Troll, 12” Male  1978 troll

Original Troll, 12” Female  1978 troll

Original Troll, 5” Male

Original Troll, 5”



I am moving and need to downsize.
Everyone is in great condition as they have just sat on my mantel and collected dust. (This group of trolls don't seem to be very active) All tags and bottom signature.
$250 plus shipping takes all. Or make me an offer I can't refuse. I hope to hear back from you. Here's a picture and a list of the whole gang. If you want individual pictures let me know of who and I'll get it to you.

Gathering troll
Troll fairy
Troll doctor
Anniversary troll
Good luck troll
2 mice
Max - troll pet
2010 Christmas troll
Pet guardian
Cat with purple eyes


Kris Kinser




I would like to find permanent homes for these trolls all from 5 Arts Studio...

Please respond by email or text message only...

Best Offer accepted/ Buyer pays shipping from Tampa, Florida





Birthday Troll  8" 80 Years Old

 16" Female Troll

5" Male Troll

Stargazer Troll

Grape Stomper Troll 8"

Harvest Troll 5"

Smoky Mountain Trail Guide 6"

Fairy Troll  8"

Valentine Male/Female Trolls (The Truly's) 8"

Wish Keeper 8"




I am moving and need to downsize considerably.  Thankfully I have the mini Collector trolls to keep me happy.

The following are available:


*12" Mystic I rescued from another collector

*8" Mystic


*Earth Mother

*50th Anniversary Limited Edition

*2011 Christmas 

*Wizard retired in 2009

*Broomhilda Woodland Witch

*2004 Troll Collecter w/Dream Guardian I rescued from Ebay


*2005 Troll Collecter Mystic w/Lit Ball


Please contact me via email with any questions and I can forward pictures.  Thanks

Dawn Engler




I have two trolls for sale; both in very good condition (female just needs nose repositioned)

 I have no information on them other than their eyes light up and both stand 16"-18". 

I have no room for them and would like to find them good homes.  Based on what I've found online,

 I am asking $50 for the smaller one and $70 for the larger or $100 for the pair, with purchaser paying shipping.

Malone, NY 12953



I have been collecting your Trolls since 1993,  I really have enjoyed them.  Unfortunately I will be moving and need to find them new homes.

Here is a list of the Trolls I have:

 Purple Troll Fairy

Sea spirit


Troll Cook

Dream Guardian

Bird Nester Troll

Artist Troll

Sweetheart Trolls

Computer troll

80 year old..with balloons

1999 Christmas Troll

Troll teacher

Troll pet cat


Thanks,  Barbara




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