Special benefits for club members include:

    Learn useful tips and answers to your questions from the groups experts (who are always happy to help!)

Special members only trolls such as soon-to-be-made 2015 Troll Collector Troll (one of the 5 trolls pictured side by side below)  

And these special Rainy Day Trolls only available to members (ordering deadline was 5/31/15)


 Members now receive a 15% discount on most purchases direct from us (and 20% on orders over $100)

        An invitation to attend the club gathering (Trollvention) held at our studio near Gatlinburg, TN

Most recent Trollvention info

And an annual drawing to win a one-of-a-kind prototype Troll



Each year there will be a new edition of this Troll that will feature a different retired Troll.

The selection of which retired Troll to produce is determined by an annual club member vote from among five miniature troll candidates like the ones below....



2015 Troll Collector Candidates

these are the candidates for 2015


 more info here:








***  Important for those ready to join:   ***


For the benefit of club members and to better protect their privacy, this club is run as a "closed" Facebook Group.

This means that you have to request and be approved membership (don't worry, this is a simple process).


If you are already a Facebook member:

 Just do a FB search for "Arensbak Troll Club", or cut and paste this link into your browser, or just click on the link below:


You should be directed to a FB login page where, once logged on, you will see link that will allow you to request membership in the new Facebook Group.

They will be eagerly approving memberships :-)


If you are not a Facebook member:

 You can easily create a membership by going to www.facebook.com. All you need to set up a FB account is an email address.

Facebook is a free service and offers numerous options and settings to protect your privacy.

So, we encourage any new FB user to review the default Facebook privacy settings to determine if they are right for you.

But if you need more information on this you will have the opportunity to contact in private one of the knowlegable moderators


If you are just NOT comfortable yet in joining the Facebook community:

 We want you to understand that we made the move to FB to improve the collaboration opportunities of the club.

It allows members to easily keep up with the club whenever they choose, without having to get everything through emails.

While you don't ever have to post a comment, you will have that opportunity.

And if you don't want to comment, you always have the ability to just click on a button to show that you "like" something you see.



If you want more info about a FB membership or have any other questions before you join:

 Feel free to contact 5 Arts directly and they will have a volunteer moderator email you privately. 


click the link below to view the club's home page

Enter the Arensbak Troll Club

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