A few years ago one of our Troll collectors started an online club. 

 The club was founded by Jessica and hosted for many years on Yahoo Groups.

Responding to club members wishes and to make it easier on the volunteer moderators, it recently made the move to Facebook Groups

where you can choose to participate in discussions or just visit the page occasionally to keep up with what's new.

Membership is free and includes many benefits.

Although the club operates independently of 5 Arts Studio, it is endorsed without reservation by us and highly recommended to our collectors!



I have been fascinated with these Trolls for quite some time and it seems the older I get, the more I just HAVE to have. :) 

I decided to form this club because I never seem to have anyone to talk with or brag to about my trolls. 

So I thought that if I was this interested in them and I knew others were interested in them that we needed a place

for gathering and talking about them.  "Troll Central" if I may.  :)  

 I hope you enjoy the group and I hope that others will find us and gather with us.

Jessica Kavanagh


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Click here for club info and member benefits