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   Sweetheart Trolls
           Most plentiful in Spring, when they make little or
    no attempt to hide. A fixture at the cafe on Friday
    and Saturday nights.   5" Troll couple setting on 
      2"ht wooden base


     Wedding Trolls
           On the verge of extinction.  Enjoying strong
     comeback in recent years  (as predicted by their
     elders!)      5" couple with light blue ribbon and
     special tag to write in names.


ann1.jpg (50363 bytes)      Anniversary Trolls
            All Trolls celebrate these important occasions,
     but some develop a suspicious annual memory   
     lapse!      5" pair, grayish hair with white ribbon
     and white heart shaped tag  


   Mini Valentine Troll
        Begin to appear in early February. Most often seen
   bearing delicious treats (which seem to enhance their
   already sweet dispositions!    approx  3 1/2 " ht.
   Signed ID tag on bottom of base. Retired 2011


Valentine Troll    Valentine Troll ~ With Rose
       To quote the great William Shakespeare....,
    "that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet"
    ...and even a troll trolls knows that it still makes the perfect
     Valentines Day gift!  8" ht.


Valentine Troll    Valentine Troll ~ With Poem
         This troll not only arrives bearing a beautiful gift,  it comes
    with a poem to match!  8" ht.   I give a rose that is red not a violet of blue,
   because the world is more rose-y when I am thinking of you!
    ~ Yours “Trolly” ~


Valentine Troll    Valentine Troll ~ Messenger
       When your special valentine message absolutely positively has to get
   there on time!   Not snow, nor sleet, nor dark of night (or deep forests)
   will keep these trolls from their appointed rounds. Active during the middle
   part of February, when they adorn themselves with red hearts and take
   to the footpaths and trails to deliver their important messages.  8" ht.


Valentine Troll    Valentine Troll ~  Chocolateer
       Although they are mostly noticed in February (when many
   of us make the effort to be a little sweeter), these trolls are
   actually quite active throughout the year for those who are
    "sweet" all year round.  5"   retired 2012


    Graduation Troll  
         Most abundant in late Springtime,  but also 
    common  throughout the year. They are usually on
    their best behavior.   8"   light silver/grey hair


Graduation Troll     Graduation Troll  with Message
         These trolls show their pride in a worthy graduate with
    an unfurled scroll, which carries the message... Congratulations on
     your "Troll-y" Great Accomplishment!   8"   light silver/grey hair
       retired 2013


Birthday Troll      Birthday Troll
         Trolls always celebrate these occasions (unlike
     some people ).  Can be observed bearing gifts and   
     bringing good cheer.   8"


Troll w/ Newborn                   Trolls with Newborn
      Parents are sleepy-eyed and somewhat
   cranky, but will happily show off new addition
   to all who pass by. 8"
   (male is pictured on left)


    Halloween Troll
        While ready to play trick or treat throughout the
    year, it is especially true on October 31st,  when 
    they can travel about almost unnoticed.  And keep a treat handy
    this Halloween.... you don't want a trick from a troll:)  8" ht.


RedHat Troll     RedHat Troll
        Traveling in large groups, these brightly colored
    Trolls can easily be spotted around town when they
    gather  together to feed. Best known for their red hat
    and matching accessories, and their purple hair
    (and/or clothing)  5" female  retired 2012

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