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grape stomper troll     Grape Stomper
        Abundant in the fall when the vineyards are busy
    with the harvest. With their big feet and lightning fast
   footwork, they make quick work of the ripened grapes...
   trying very hard not to end up all purple!   8" ht


Moonshiner Troll     Moonshiner Troll  
        As the old song goes....  
   "They call it that good 'ole Mountain Dew..."
    Well, some of that dew forms naturally…
   and some has to have a little “help” from these crafty trolls. 8" ht.


gardenmf1.jpg (9920 bytes)    Gardener Trolls
       Common; Spring through to Fall, especially   
   weekends and evenings. Through much hard work
   they produce an annual bountiful harvest.  8"
        male        female


Gathering Troll     Gathering Troll  
          Abundant, especially at Harvest time. In charge
     of collecting and proper storage of the Winter food
     supplies.  16"


Harvest Troll    Harvest Troll ~
       Often observed at harvest time when they are busy 
  gathering the seasonal bounty. They are always aware
  that what you sow, is what you reap.  8"


         Birdnester Troll
           More active in the Spring. Helps all birds with
     the finer points of nest design, construction, and
     proper placement.   16"


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