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River Troll      River Trolls
           From the wide and mighty rivers… to the small mountain streams, this is home to the River Trolls!
  Half-submerged up to their noses, watching over the aquatic life they protect, they can be found in
   secluded hiding spots along a river’s bank, or in a calm eddy behind a small island or outcropping.
      Features the River Trolls from a 1981 Ken Aensbak drawing.   8" tall by 10" wide


Forest Troll     Forest Troll  
         Well hidden behind their leafy mask, they watch
    over the trees and plant life. More known to the
    Celts of old and often called   “Green Man” or 
      “Jack o’ the Green”, they can be found in most of our
   woodlands… but only if you know where to look! 12" ht.


12mf1.jpg (10768 bytes)      Troll Wizards
        Very elusive, they often use their special powers
    to help Mother Nature create her miracles.  12"
    female  male         retired in 2009


Wizard with Lit Crystal      Wizard with Glowing Crystal
        Elusive; uses its special powers to help Mother Nature
    create her wonderful miracles. It is said that when the
    crystal glows... something good is about to happen!
   female   male     Features LED lighted genuine Arkansas crystal.  12" ht.


  Computer Wiz  ~ the ultimate scream saver !
        Rarely seen outdoors in the light of day, due to the
  constant demand for their special talents.  Because....
  almost everyone needs a little magic from time to time. 6"   




fortune teller     Fortune Teller Troll
          Need a little advice from a trusted source?
    If you're curious, just ask this troll a question and give her
    magical spinner a spin. Where it will stop, nobody knows
       (except the troll),  but you will soon find out. 8" ht.



Mystic Trolls     Mystic Trolls
         Extremely rare; few verified sightings. Not much
    is known of these Trolls,  but thought to posses
    extraordinary powers.  8"
       female     male


    Spirit Troll  
         Uncommon attire, carries cloth pouch full of
    ancient cures for healing the body and  the spirit. 12"


Good Luck Troll    Good Luck Troll
        Although some say it is never around when you need it,
   these Trolls are really fairly common.  Most  Trolls can bring
    good fortune, but it never hurts  to have a specialist. 5" ht
    has tag reads rub my tail for Good Luck!


   Grandparent Trolls  
        Steadfast and learned elders of the Troll family. 
   More noticeable due to gray hair, need for spectacles,
   and their slow but deliberate pace.  20"  
    male is pictured,  female is similar but has long braids
    and no mustache!


   Sleepytime Troll
           Also presiding over your pleasant and sweet
   dreams....   some would call this a Dream Guardian 
   without the music box base and movement.  7" ht
    retired 2012


Viking Trolls     Viking Trolls
         Descendants of ancient Scandinavian
    warriors who came to this country with the
    Viking explorer Leif Erickson  5"  ht.

         male         female



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