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Limited Editions and other Special Trolls




House Troll    House Troll  - Home Sweet Home  
           Every home needs a House Troll!
     Invite this troll into your dwelling to watch over your habitat.
    From its perch (hanging from a select wall or door) it will make sure
    that your house is always a Home Sweet Home!    
    Troll is around 13 1/2" in height and will lay flat against a wall or door.



House Troll    House Troll  - with Staff  
           Another version of this special troll. He will watch over your habitat
      from its perch (hanging from a select wall or door)... taking care of
      your home and all its inhabitants (both pet and human)!
     Troll is around 13 1/2" in height and will lay flat against a wall or door.



Mermaid    Mermaid  
        Many years ago when this country was still young and there were far
    fewer people about, it was not uncommon to see playful mermaids sunbathing
    on inland rocks or even swimming alongside the sailing ships far out to sea.
    And while still a part of our world today, mermaids now have become
   much more elusive. Comes with her own 6 page story book "A Mermaid's Tale"
    (you can see it folded up and tucked behind her tail.)  5" ht.



Earth Mother     Earth Mother  
        A friend to Mother Nature; Always busy working to protect our
    fragile planet, not only for future troll generations, but for all of us
    as well! Often seen together with her companion the Forest Troll.
    She wanted us to show you both front and back views to let you
    see how she wears her hair!   12" ht.



Guardian Angel Troll    Guardian Angel  
       They are always close by, but just out of sight
   Patiently waiting for a chance to save us from some
   hidden danger or guide us down a safer path. 6" ht.


Princess Troll    Princess w/Prince  
       Rarely seen without their loyal and devoted entourage.
   However, not all is glamorous… sometimes they
   have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a true prince!
   Comes with a special tag.   8" ht.


Troll Prince    Prince  
       After an evil spell transformed him into a common frog, this unfortunate troll prince,
     was destined to spend all of his days in a small pond deep within the forest.  Until...
    while sitting on his lonely lily pad one day, he met and charmed a sweet and beautiful princess.
   When she planted a kiss it changed him back into a handsome (although slightly froggy) prince.
        And of course they lived “hoppily” ever after! 8" ht.


   Dancing Trolls                
Dancing Trolls          Common at festive gatherings where
   they can forget their everyday worries
   and dance the night away.  Moving with
   a rhythmic style and grace, they are
   surprisingly light on their feet!  8" ht.
   retired in 2010


storyteller     Storyteller       
         Often seen in evenings, when small groups
    of all ages will gather together to hear them make
    the ancient legends come to life.  8" ht
   Comes with a special tag.


sea spirit     Sea Spirit (female)   
         Well know by the ancient mariners,
    they protect all creatures of the sea and guide
    the wayward voyager.   Sea-green female troll
    decorated with a small starfish and shells. 12"
    She now has a mate!  See him below....   


sea spirit male     Sea Spirit  (male) - Neptune   
       You might already be acquainted with the Sea Spirit Troll, but up until now
   only the female was known to exist. Maybe this is because they are often known
   by other names like... Neptune or Poseidon.Formerly from Atlantis, they can now
  be found anywhere water is flowing. And where it is dry, they can use their tridents
   to create new artisan springs to keep things growing.  12" ht.


wish keeper     Wish Keeper       
         Rare, but always within hearing of even the
    slightest whisper.... ready to store all of your wishes
    in its special "Wishes" box.   8" ht.
    Special tag reads
    hold on to your wishes…to make them come true!


    Troll Fairy     
       Rarely seen, except on special occasions...
    when it will come out of the woods to make your
    wishes come true.... but be careful what you ask for!
    Has a special printed tag with story.    8" ht.


   Stargazer Troll      
          Observed mostly at night...  still as statues,
      they look up into the clear night sky to chart
       the zodiac and scan the distant heavens...
     while they contemplate the vast universe.
        12" ht      comes with special  tag      retired 2009


      While Ken made his original Troll in 1959, it wasn't
   until 1969 that the family made the first Trolls available
   for sale...called KenTrolls.  We bring back this
   original style as a tribute to Ken Arensbak (1923-1997).
    Comes with it's own story & picture booklet. this is a  numbered troll.


      While it was Ken who made the first troll, it was his wife Neta
  (with the help of their children) who started making these trolls and
    thus began the family business called 5 Arts Studio.
   This Troll is made in honor of Neta Arensbak  (1928 - 2010).
    Comes with it's own story & special numbered booklet, signed by her three children. .


christmas angel     Christmas Angel - with Bell     
     We ring out the old year and ring in the new, just so you know we keep a
  watch over you! (as it's tag reads). A special new design that allows it to either perch
  up high as a Christmas Tree topper (it has a hollow core body), OR it can be just as
  happy a little closer down to earth and stand on a shelf or other flat surface.
  Wingspan  9" w X 7" ht with a head height of 5" + hollow inner body core dia. 1 1/2".


christmas angel     Christmas Angel - with Star     
     A star from the heavens I’ve brought down to you, so the spirit of CHRISTMAS will last
    the year through! (as it's tag reads).  A special new design that allows it to either perch
  up high as a Christmas Tree topper (it has a hollow core body), OR it can be just as
  happy a little closer down to earth and stand on a shelf or other flat surface.
  Wingspan  9" w X 7" ht with a head height of 5" + hollow inner body core dia. 1 1/2".



Special Limited Edition




50th Anniversary Troll

50th Anniversary Troll


Ken Arensbak made the original troll for his children in 1959 to help make his stories come to life.

He first unbraided strands of jute rope and glued it to a wooden base, then added the details which included natural materials found in the nearby woods.

To help celebrate its 50th anniversary, we are making this 1/3 scale reproduction of that original troll (pictured on right).

The trolls will be made by Marianna (Ken's daughter) and will be the first trolls she has made since the late 1970's.

This is a Limited Edition of only 250 pieces and will be signed (by Neta Arensbak) and numbered with a special tag on bottom of base.





Limited Edition Christmas Trolls


   Christmas Troll  ~  2015     
2015 Christmas Troll       You don't even have to be a great "cook" if you have the right ingredients!
   This is the 35th year in the series and as with all Christmas Trolls,
    the design is only produced for one year. The numbered tag reads...
    "Whip Up some Christmas Spirit!".        8" Troll


   Christmas Troll  ~  2014      new design each year - 34th year in this series
2014 Christmas Troll          After gathering a bounty of what Mother Nature provides for the season,
     this troll can "deck"-orate the halls of any habitat... and help put everyone in the holiday spirit!
    34th year in the series and as with all Christmas Trolls, the design was only produced for one year (2014) .
    The numbered tag reads just like in the old Christmas carol... "Deck the Halls..." 5" ht.           
                         retired 2014, available while supplies last       


   Christmas Troll  ~  2013     
2013 Christmas Troll       When the fields and roadways are covered with snow, you don't have to be Santa to know that an old fashioned sleigh
    is the best way to get around (especially if you have a few talented reindeer)! But every sleigh needs some jingle bells
   to liven up the trip and announce your presence during a heavy snowfall or dark moonless night... and these trolls make 
  the most magical ones around.   The numbered tag reads just like in the old Christmas carol...
     "Sleigh bells ring... are you listening?" 5" ht.                  retired 2013, no longer available       


   Christmas Troll  ~  2012     
2012 Christmas Troll       The trolls want to help keep everyone warm when the winds of winter blow. While trolls may
   move at lightning speeds they have to sew a little slower (less pricking of fingers!). Hard to locate...
   as they often work alone in and around their secluded habitats.  The numbered tag reads...
  "Christmas quilts we are a sewing, for when it's cold & snowing!"   8" ht.
              retired 2012, no longer available      


   Christmas Troll  ~  2011     
2011 Christmas Troll       Because of all the snowfall this past season, Santa has vowed to be more prepared this
   year... like keeping the pathways clear at the North Pole Workshops so the elves can get
   around (you know they are quite small), and in the heavy snows.. clearing the rooftops
   and other landing areas for Santa's sleigh. 8" ht.  
       Tag reads... clearing the way for Santa's sleigh!
                                          retired 2011


   Christmas Troll  ~  2010     
2010 Christmas Troll            
    The design was only produced for one year (2010). 4" ht.
  Tag reads..  under the mistletoe... good things happen!
    It's slightly smaller size allows it to stand OR hang.
        retired 2010


   Christmas Troll  ~  2009     
2009 Christmas Troll            This was our 29th design for the Christmas Troll
    design produced for one year (2009). 8" ht.
     Tag reads.. making toys for good girls and boys!.
          retired 2009


   Christmas Troll  ~  2008      
2008 Christmas Troll         This was the 28th year in the series produced
    for one year (2008). 8" ht.  Tag reads...
    may your Christmas joy always be in bloom!.
    retired 2008


   Christmas Troll  ~  2007      
2007 Christmas Troll           This was the 27th year in the series and was
    based on the old Yuletide carol  Deck the Hall
    As with all Christmas Trolls,  the design is only
    produced for one year (2007). 5" ht.
    Numbered tag reads.. troll the ancient Yuletide carol.
     retired 2007


   Christmas Troll  ~  2006 
2006 Christmas Troll            This was the 26th year in the series and this troll
   is filling the air with the aroma of gingerbread cookies.
   As with all Christmas Trolls,  the design is only
   produced for one year (2006). 8" ht.
    Numbered tag reads.. Christmas smells good this year!
      retired 2006


   Christmas Troll  ~  2005        
2005 Christmas Troll        Since this was the 25th year of our
   Christmas Troll Series we made a special
   Special Silver Anniversary Edition for 2005.
    Numbered tag, Troll is 12" ht.
     retired 2005       


   Christmas Troll  ~  2004        
2004 Christmas Troll           More common as the fall colors are gone and
      you look forward to the change of seasons.
     The numbered tag for the 2004 Troll reads...
     making snowflakes for your hair  8" ht.
     retired 2004              


   Christmas Troll  ~  2003         
          Can be observed gliding over the frosty
     landscape bringing Yuletide greetings.
      A limited edition Troll, the numbered tag for the
     2003 Troll reads  ... have a cool Yule!   5" ht.
      retired 2003             


   Christmas Troll  ~  2002   
       Always busy caring for the hungry Christmas herd.
    A limited edition Troll, made only in 2002. 
    The numbered tag for the 2002 Troll reads-
      take care of all your dears this season!  8"ht.
       retired 2002


   Christmas Troll  ~ 2001      
           Becoming more rare with limited sightings.
     A limited edition Troll, produced only in the year
     2001.   numbered tag for the 2001 Troll reads-
     'stocking up for a great Christmas!'     8"ht.
      retired 2001

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