2011 Troll Crossword Puzzle


How much do you really know about trolls  ... test your knowledge and win a special prize !





The puzzle can be worked online or printed out  (making it easier if you need to search for the answers).  Or you can print it out, and then work it online when ready.

Note: If you choose to only work online and you can't complete the puzzle in one sitting, before you close the page, print the puzzle showing the words you do have. Then when you try again just use the printout to re-enter those words and bring you back to where you left off. There is no way to save your progress.


For a little help you can find info on the www.trolls.com web site (IE FAQ link) and in our Troll Handbook that comes with each troll.


If you complete the puzzle you can register for a special prize!


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Click on a link below to get started.



2011 Crossword Puzzle (online version)


2011 Crossword Puzzle (printable version)





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